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    Library Director: Bridget Schack
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Good afternoon, everyone.  We want to let you know that we have an official start date for our renovation project.  Our last day open will be Thursday, February 28th.  Beginning March 1st, we will be closed.  We unfortunately do not have a concrete end-date of the project, but rest assured we will be posting updates here to keep you in the loop.  It is our hope that the project will not be overlong, and the benefits of the renovations will be plentiful.  (For those who aren’t aware, we are adding a lift to allow handicapped access to our third floor, as well as renovating two bathrooms.)  Story Hour will continue through next week, but will suspend at that point.  Friday Movie Nights will end after this week’s movie (Ferdinand, February 22).Thank you so very much for your understanding during this time of change!  We appreciate each and every one of you.  (If you have an event or meeting scheduled, we will be notifying you via telephone to work out alternate arrangements).