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New Arrivals, week of April 5th, 2017

As promised, here is a list of all new non-fiction books that have found a home on our shelves over the past two weeks. Topics are across the board and run from a book on Hitler’s limousine to one on sleep and how getting a full nights sleep is a relatively new development in human history. Who knew we were a species of nappers by nature?

The best seller , “The stranger in the woods” also promises to be a good read. It covers the life of a real modern day hermit recently found after thirty years in the deep woods of Maine. He hadn’t spoken to another human the entire time! These and many more non-fiction books are here for your enjoyment. If you traditionally read only fiction, this would be a great time to give a try to the Wead Library’s awesome non-fiction collection. It covers every possible topic and so many interesting people.


This life I live  by Rory Lee Feek,  biography
Dorothy Day   by Kate Hennessy,  biography
We were sisters   by Sheila Kohler, biography
The stranger in the woods   by Michael Finkel, biography
Wild nights: how taming sleep created our restless world  by Benjamin Reiss
Letter to a young farmer  by Gene Logsdon
The President’s Kitchen Cabinet  by Adrian Miller
Health  Care Choices   by Archelle Georgiou, MD
Hazard   by Margaret Combs, biography
Thinking Machines   by Luke Dormehl
Age of Anger   by Pankaj Mishra
Richard Nixon: the life   by John A. Farrell, biography
Strangers tend to tell me things   by Amy Dickinson, biography
Travelling with ghosts: a memoir   by Shannon Fowler, biography
The Devil’s Mercedes   by Robert Klara

courtesy peachparts.com

To reserve any of these books simply click on Log in, Search and Renew in the right sidebar. Have your library card handy and simply follow the prompts. If you would prefer to call one of our friendly, helpful staff members, we can be reached at 518-483-5251 during library hours.

Happy Reading!
The Staff of the Wead Library