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New DVDs

Through the generosity of our patrons, the Wead Library has many new DVDs on its shelves this week. We thought we’d share a list of them with you. To reserve any just call us at 518-483-5251 or simply click in the right sidebar on Login, Search and Renew. Please have your library card at the ready.

courtesy perkingthepansies.com

Driving Miss Daisy, Academy Award Winning film

Valkyrie,   World War II

The Patriot,   Revolutionary War

Hotel Rwanda,    Academy award winning war story

courtesy nickspickflicks.com

Washington Square,    love story

Entourage,    HBO series

A Summer in Genoa,   romance

Airplane,    comedy

Napolean Dynamite,    family

Major League II,    sports

Mr. Baseball,    sports

courtesy businesstocommunity.com

Field of Dreams,    sports, family

Open season,   children

Short Circuit 2,    children

Kung Fu Panda,    children

Percy Jackson, Lightening Thief,  family

The fault in our stars,    young adult

Alice in Wonderland,    Johnny Depp version, family

Horton Hears a Who, Dr. Seuss,  children

Sand Lot 2,   sports, family

The secret of life on earth,     Imax nature

Adventures in the Crystal Empire with My Little Pony,   children