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New arrivals!


courtesy extremelysharplife.com

Are you ready to settle into winter with a good read, a warm drink and a big chair by the woodstove?  If so, our list of new book arrivals will provide a great selection to ponder.  My favorite recommendation would be the book  by Louis Zamperini, “Don’t give up, don’t give in”.  Zamperini is the incredible true life character about whom the book “Unbroken” was written.  The movie commemorating his life will be released shortly as well. This book gives you, in his own words, his unique and inspiring story.

Biographies on two greats of the entertainment field, Robert De Niro and Carlos Santana, are now on our new release shelf as well.

Books can be reserved by simply clicking on Log in, Search and Renew in the right sidebar along with your library card. Your pin number is the last four digits of the phone number on record with the Wead Library. Happy reading!

Non Fiction:

A country called childhood     by Jay Griffiths

The underground girls of Kabul     by Jenny Nordberg

Miracles     by Eric Metaxas

So, anyway…      by John Cleese

God’s Planet     by Owen Gingerich

Essays after eighty     by Donald Hall

Don’t give up, don’t give in    by Louis Zamperini  (biography)

The Universal Tone     by Carlos Santana   (biography)

De Niro: a life     by Shawn Levy (biography)

Why Homer matters     by Adam Nicolson

Navy Seals: their untold story      by Dick Couch

Tea and Crumpets     by Margaret Johnson


courtesy theamazingpics.com


The Paris winter     by Imogen Robertson

Bad Country: a novel     by C.B. McKenzie

The laughing monsters     by Denis Johnson

Innocence: a novel      by Dean Koontz

Shots fired     by C.J. Box

Close to the bone     by Lisa Black

The lives of others     by Neel Mukherjee

The loveliest chocolate shop in Paris   by Jenny Colgan

My sister’s grave     by Robert Dugoni

The heart does not grow back     by Fred Venturini




New Book Arrivals, week of 12-8-14

courtesy citysocializer.com

Welcome to our holiday list of new book arrivals here at the Wead. Four new biographies grace our shelves this week. They  run the gamut from “Watch me” by the glamorous Angelica Huston to  “41” by George W. Bush, an account of his father, our 41st president.  The latest Danielle Steele novel, Pegasus, has arrived so call now and reserve this popular new book, if you’d like. You can also request any of our books by clicking on Log in, Search and Renew in the right sidebar and having handy your library card. If you ever have issues requesting and reserving books online, please feel free to call our friendly staff at 518-483-5251 for assistance.


The three-body problem    by Cixin Liu

Into a raging blaze     by Andreas Norman

Blue Labyrinth     by Douglas J. Preston *

A quilt for Christmas     by Sandra Dallas

Angel Killer     by Andrew Mayne

The peripheral     by William Gibson

Far as the eye can see     by Robert Bausch

The empire of night     by Robert O. Butler

The slow regard of silent things     by Patrick Rothfuss *

Pegasus     by Danielle Steel

Across the Cheyenne River     by John D. Nesbitt

Sometimes the wolf     by Urban Waite

Starred items are on the current NY Times Best Seller list.


Watch me: a memoir     by Angelica Huston   (biography)

41: a portrait of my father     by George W. Bush (biography) *

Yes, please     by Amy Poehler  (biography) *

Jeter unfiltered     by Derek Jeter  (biography, pictorial)

Spam Nation: the inside story of organized cybercrime by Brian Krebs

Why did the chicken cross the world?     by Andrew Lawler

Heirs to forgotten kingdoms     by Gerard Russell

Making greeting cards with creative materials     by  MaryJo McGraw

Just a reminder, we have a large selection of children’s holiday books at the library that would be perfect for reading to your little ones at this time of year. Please stop by our wonderful children’s library downstairs at the Wead Library. A comfy warm chair, perfect for reading awaits you.  Toys, books, computer games as well as special story hours are there to enjoy, too. Come visit soon. Here is a link that discusses the best children’s Christmas books out there if you need a few suggestions:  https://storify.com/TonyaB/top-5-christmas-books-for-kids-2014-best-list-of-c




New DVDs at the Wead Library!

courtesy Corbis/Simon Marcus


Just in time for the holidays, we’ve acquired some  great family DVDs. As the cold weather settles into the North Country, spending a family night with an entertaining DVD and a big bowl of popcorn can make for a warm, fun evening.  We have acquired  three new Disney features,  two other great family movies and a classic video perfect for date night.

Ghost,  winner of 2 Academy Awards and starring the late, talented Patrick Swayze

Jumanji,  starring the always hilarious Robin Williams

The Never Ending Story, How can you go wrong with characters with names like Rock Biter?

Disney’s Herbie, a four movie collection

Disney Classics, includes four classic Disney hits

Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Part ll

If you would like to reserve any of these DVDs for your family watching pleasure, click in the right sidebar on Log in, Search and Renew. Have ready your library card and remember – your pin number is the last four digits of the phone number you have on file at the library.

Happy viewing!