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Book Review!


“We are liars” by E. Lockhart is a perfect summer read. A wonderfully developed plot with a rather shocking end, all written in clear language, make for a book that will have you staying up half the night to finish reading it.

The Sinclair family is old money with future generations relying on their trust funds to survive. As the family ages and expands and old grand dad holds all the cards of power and finance, the family juggles its positions knowing that at any given moment he can and will change his estate. Harris Sinclair, alpha male and family patriarch, owns an island off of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. Every year all children, grandchildren, spouses and beaus arrive to spend the entire summer together. At the end of the summer they each return to their own scattered lives bankrolled by dwindling trust funds and threatened by an increasingly demented octogenarian.

While Grandpa is the dominating influence in the family, the story is told by Cadence, aka, “Cady”, a teenager granddaughter, the first grandchild, and apple of Grandad’s eye. Her dramatic reactions to the world she lives in are at times over the top but pretty accurately portray her teen age circumstances. This is a book that you definitely don’t want to tell any details about to friends who may read it. The plot is tightly wrapped and delicately unwound. Without even realizing it you are charmed into her world on the island and the friends and family that have surrounded her every summer since birth. You watch her fall in love and find a way to move her family back on the track of caring for one another.  I so want to tell you more but don’t want to spoil the the excellent way the story unfolds into a hold on to your seat finish.

This books is so well crafted. It’s clear, simple language and interesting characters brilliantly  build the story detail by detail ending into an explosive unexpected ending. I highly recommend….M. Pepin, Wead Library