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New Arrivals

courtesy of si.wsj.net

We have some really interesting topics covered in this week’s selection of new books at the Wead Library. Would knowing the “secrets of the SAT” help your child get into college? There is a great new book by a Mom and publisher, “The Perfect Score Project”, that should interest anyone facing decisions about college entrance exams. We also have a book on one of the world’s most wanted men, Edward Snowden, that gives you the inside story on this self described whistleblower. In the fiction category, Greg Isles’ new book, “Natchez Burning” has arrived and has been much anticipated. Call the library to reserve this one now as requests are lining up. Without further ado, here are our newest acquisitions:


“The Perfect Score Project”   by Debbie Stier

“The Snowden Files”    by Luke Harding

“The Promise of a Pencil”    by Adam Braun

“A Sliver of Light”    by Shane Bauer

“10% Happier”    by Dan Harris

“War! What is it good for?”    by Ian Morris

“Jesus, a pilgrimage”    by James Martin, SJ

“491 days: prisoner number 1323/69”    by Winnie Mandela


“Savage Girl”   by Jean Zimmerman

“American Romantic”   by Ward S. Just

“Raising Steam”    by Terry Pratchett

“Night of the Hunter”    by R A Salvatore

“The Detective”   by James Patrick Hunt

“The Black Eyed Blonde”   by Benjamin Black

“Gemini: a novel”   by Carol Wiley Cassella

“Acts of God: stories”   by  Ellen Gilchrist

“The Word Exchange: a novel”    by Alene Graedon

“Clever Girl”    by Tessa Hadley

“Off Course”   by Michelle Huneven

“Natchez Burning”   by Greg Isles

(photo: William Morrow)