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Congratulations to the staff of the Wead Library for garnering First Place in the Christmas Tree competition held annually by the House of History in Malone, New York. The winning tree was assembled by staff using old Readers Digest books donated by a patron. Their embossed gold letters and bright colors were further enhanced by mini lights coming from within the tree as well as strung on the outside of the tree. The tree was dubbed, “The Tree of Knowledge” by its makers who are very proud of their win. Please stop by to see two of these trees assembled in our Library and thank you to all who may have voted for us.


This week brought forth a lot of new DVDs to the Library’s shelves. Here is the list:

A Lesson Before Dying                                           LES

Cowboy Legends, Collector’s Set                          COW

John Wayne, 20 Movie Pack                                  JOH

The Sacketts                                                            SAC

Bonanza, Collector’s Edition                                  BON

The Greatest Wrestling Stars of the 80s               GRE

The Oxbow  Incident                                                  OXB

The Adventures of Robin Hood                                ADV

Care Bears, the Nutcracker                                       CAR

Monster by Mistake                                                   MON

Wild West Box, 4 movies                                            WIL

The Bionic Woman, Season One                              BIO

The Bionic Woman, Season Two                              BIO

The Bionic Woman, Season Three                           BIO

Photo courtesy of buddytv.com
Buffalo Girls                                                                BUF

Wanted: Dead or Alive with Steve McQueen           WAN

Twenty Great Westerns, Heroes and Bandits         TWE

Walt Disney’s Fantasia 2000                                     FAN

Mean Guns, 20 movie pack                                        MEA

Little Einsteins,                                                            LIT