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What’s Next?

Here you are in the library searching out what has just become your new favorite author. You’ve read his first published book but now find there are many more books to read by this writer. Is part of his work a series? Which should you read next? What is the order of his/her writings? You can’t wait to read more but which one should be your next choice?

In the right sidebar you will see at the bottom of “Popular Links” a link called “What’s Next in a Book Series”. Click the link.
On the page that comes up you do a simple search with the author’s name and book title you have read. After entering that info a large typeface of the author’s name will appear. If you click on that it will show you the various series the author has written. Click on the series you are searching and the books will appear in order. You can easily find the next book in any series! It’s that simple. We hope this tool furthers your reading enjoyment….the Staff of the Wead Library