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New DVDs

Through the generosity of our patrons, the Wead Library has many new DVDs on its shelves this week. We thought we’d share a list of them with you. To reserve any just call us at 518-483-5251 or simply click in the right sidebar on Login, Search and Renew. Please have your library card at the ready.

courtesy perkingthepansies.com

Driving Miss Daisy, Academy Award Winning film

Valkyrie,   World War II

The Patriot,   Revolutionary War

Hotel Rwanda,    Academy award winning war story

courtesy nickspickflicks.com

Washington Square,    love story

Entourage,    HBO series

A Summer in Genoa,   romance

Airplane,    comedy

Napolean Dynamite,    family

Major League II,    sports

Mr. Baseball,    sports

courtesy businesstocommunity.com

Field of Dreams,    sports, family

Open season,   children

Short Circuit 2,    children

Kung Fu Panda,    children

Percy Jackson, Lightening Thief,  family

The fault in our stars,    young adult

Alice in Wonderland,    Johnny Depp version, family

Horton Hears a Who, Dr. Seuss,  children

Sand Lot 2,   sports, family

The secret of life on earth,     Imax nature

Adventures in the Crystal Empire with My Little Pony,   children






An Amazing August at the Wead Library!

courtesy barbertonlibrary.org

While summer may be waning for some, here at the Wead Library it is gung ho! We have so much planned for you, our patrons, who we appreciate so much. On August 11 from 1:00 to 6:00pm we will have our second annual Patron Appreciation Day! This is when we show our many loyal patrons, new patrons and hopefully returning patrons, how much the Library appreciates them. We have seen generations pass through our doors and watched them learn the glory of reading, the wonder of story telling and myriad craft projects and songs. We have been home to art exhibits, competitions, magic shows and  community gathering. From movie nights (free) to meetings of all kinds, our beautiful building has been your witness. Please let us share our appreciation with you. There will be free books and magazines, authors and book discussion, live music by gifted local musicians, refreshments and so much more. There is even an  AMNESTY  for any overdue books returned that day, no matter how old or overdue. On one day only, you can bring them back with no charge and in return we offer a smile and a thank you.  We will have special activities planned for our younger readers with crafts, live owls,  and even movies and a popcorn machine! We really do hope you bring the family to all join in the fun!

On August 18th, we will offer a Mindfulness Workshop at 6:30 followed by  a Book Talk with author, J. McArdle at 7:00pm. The second Mindfulness Workshop will take place at 6:30 on August 25th. The Mindfulness event is  particularly directed to teens wanting to learn to be more present in the moment.

courtesy biteback.org

Our Craft group continues to meet on the first and third Saturday of each month. Please bring your hand crafts to work on and discuss and share a great time with others passionate about knitting, crocheting, beading and more! All are welcome.

At 11:00am on Saturday, August 2oth, our social media mavens, Jenna and Nicolle, will give a talk on how to use and get the most from sites like Pinterest, Good Reads and other social media. It should be great fun and an opportunity for those who are wondering what the fuss is all about.  Come join the Social Media Revolution!

This month on Saturday, August 27th at 11:00 AM our teen group will meet and share a movie together. All teens are welcome and we look forward to your sharing a fun Saturday morning.

As always Tech Talk continues but there will be a brief break the week of August 8-12. Tech Talk takes place every Wednesday from 2:00 to 3:00pm in our library. Our staff will help those facing challenges with their digital devices all free of charge. We will do our best to get you to enjoy your devices to the max. Help is on a first come first serve basis. Many’s the Kindle and Ipad we’ve explained! We can even help with digital cameras! So bring your devices in and our staff will nudge you into cyberspace!

Hope to see you all at  Patron Appreciation Day!

The Staff of the Wead Library





New arrivals, week of July 27, 2016

courtesy arlenestaffordwilson


July is winding to it’s close. The warm summer weather continues, occasionally broken by swirling thunderstorms. Which do you prefer? An easy book on a sandy beach at one of our many Adirondack lakes or a howling mystery while snuggled in a comfy chair with the lightening flickering around you? We have them both for you in this weeks new arrivals and more! Please stop by and check out the following additions to our collection.


The awakened family: a revolution in parenting    by   Shefali Tsabary
The wicked boy: the mystery of a Victorian child murderer   by   Kate Summerscale
I’ve got sand in all the wrong places   by   Lisa Scottoline
Will & I: a memoir   by   Clay Byars, biography
Hillbilly elegy   by  J.D. Vance, biography

courtesy nationalgeographic.com

The bee friendly garden  by  Kate Frey
Who shot sports   by Gail Buckland

courtesy thriftyfun.com

How to knit socks that fit   by  Donna Druchunas


Back lash: a Sam Acquillo mystery   by  Chris Knopf
Another one goes tonight   by Peter Lovesey
Buffalo jump blues   by  Keith McCafferty
The damned of Petersburg  by   Ralph Peters
Jonathan unleashed   by   Meg Rosoff
A meal in winter    by   Hubert Mingarelli
Absalom’s daughters: a novel   by   Suzanne Feldman
Stealing the countess   by David Housewright
Written in red  by Annie Dalton
Invincible summer   by   Alice Adams
Let the devil out   by Bill Loehfelm
Night of the animals   by Bill Broun

To reserve any of these books simply click on Login, search and renew in the right sidebar. You will need to enter the number that is on your library card as well as your pin number. The pin # is the last four digits of the phone number you have on record with the Wead Library. It’s easy but if you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to call us at 518-483-5251. We are here to help you.

the Staff of the Wead Library

Happy Summer reading!



courtesy magicalsite.com

Our summer Children’s Programs for 2016 are nearing a close but not without a wonderful performance planned by magician Ron Cain.  We are getting closer to the Summer Olympics in Brazil. Cain will be delighting his audience with an imaginary journey to Ancient Greece, birthplace of the Olympics. How he weaves Greek myths and the Olympics into his magic should be delightful to watch. He will even do “Olymp-tricks”!  Please come join the fun on Wednesday, July 27th, at 11:00am  here at the Wead Library on our third floor. Attendance is free but does require climbing a few stairs. We look forward to having you as our guests. If you have any questions please call our friendly staff at 518-483-5251.  We all need a bit of magic in our lives!


New arrivals, week of July 20, 2016

A wide variety of topics are covered in the selections that have arrived on our shelves this week. The Wead Library is always proud to have a great selection of the most popular books currently being read. This week we have on our shelves all the selections on the New York Times Best Seller Fiction List. We hope you come in and check out one of these great reads. Some, like “The postman always purls twice” are just perfect for light summer reading.  Others, like “Walking the Himalayas” by Levison Wood take us far from those beach chairs and into the mountains of Tibet. We have something for everyone this week from adventures like Levison’s to the latest from Danielle Steele. If you would like to reserve a title, simply click in the right sidebar on Login, Search and Renew and have ready your Wead Library card and your pin number. The pin is the last four digits of the phone number you have on record here at the library. One of our friendly staff is just a phone call away at 518-483-5251 and is ready to help you with your requests.


courtesy cntraveller.com   Levison Wood

Walking the Himalayas    by    Levison Wood
The Fifty Year Mission    by    Edward Gross (Star Wars)
Animals in translation    by   Temple Grandin
The way we die now    by    Seamus O’Mahony
Grit    by    Angela Duckworth
The Useful Book    by    Sharon Bowers
William Tecumseh Sherman: in the service of my country    by    James McDonough (biography)
The return: fathers, sons and the land in between   by   Hisham Matar (biography)


Charlotte    by    David Foenkinos
The postman always purls twice   by   Anne Canadeo
Collecting the dead   by   Spencer Kope
Late harvest   by   Fiona Buckley
Tom Clancy: duty and honor   by   Grant Blackwood
First comes love   by   Emily Giffin
We could be beautiful   by   Swan Huntley
Magic   by   Danielle Steele
The girls in the garden   by Lisa Jewell
Night and day   by   Iris Johansen
As good as gone   by   Larry Watson
Brighton   by   Michael T. Harvey

courtesy jhse.org




On your mark, get set…READ!!!!


Each Wednesday in July at 11:00AM the Wead Library has been sharing wonderful programs with our younger patrons and their parents. This coming Wednesday, Big Jeff DeSmedt, award-winning children’s singer/songwriter, will perform in a rollicking, rocking musical event. He promises dancing, singing, clapping and lots of laughs. Big Jeff is VERY tall and VERY talented and will hold your child’s attention and fill their faces with smiles.  We do hope you can set aside an hour or so to come enjoy the entertainment with your little ones. We know your children will have a great time!  If you have any further questions, feel free to call one of our friendly staff. We can be reached  at 518-483-5251. Hope to see you there!!!

New arrivals, week of 7/13/16


Troublemaker   by   Linda Howard
Seven days dead   by   John Farrow
Missing, presumed   by   Susie Steiner
Death at breakfast   by   Beth Richardson Gutcheon
Aunt Dimity and the buried treasure   by   Nancy Atherton
Born on a Tuesday   by   Elnathan John
Sweetbitter   by   Stephanie Danler
She poured out her heart   by   Jean Thompson
A murder in mohair   by   Anne Canadeo
Vinegar  girl   by   Anne Tyler
A hundred thousand worlds   by   Bob Proehl
Coulter’s journey   by   William Johnston,   Western


The boys in the bunkhouse   by   Dan Barry
Oneida: from free love Utopia to the well set table   by Ellen Wayland-Smith
White trash: the 400 year untold history of class in America   by   Nancy Isenberg
Bill O’Reilley’s Legends and lies: the Patriots   by David Fisher
Tribe: on homecoming and belonging   by Sebastian Junger
The lonely city: adventures in the art of being alone   by   Olivia Laing

courtesy inthestudio.net

Paul, McCartney: the life   by   Philip Norman,   biography
Bite me: how Lyme disease stole my childhood, made me crazy and almost killed
me   by   Ally Hilfiger,  biography

Ally Hilfiger and her dad, designer Tommy Hilfiger, courtesy jezebel.com She survived Lyme Disease.

To request any title its simply a matter of having your library card handy and knowing your pin number. Your pin number is the last four digits of the phone number you have on record at the Wead Library. On the right sidebar, click on Login, Search and Renew and just follow the prompts to reserve your choices. If you need any help please call one of our friendly staff at 518-483-5251. We look forward to helping you.  Our staff hopes you have a cool place to read during these hot July summer days, maybe one like the picture at the top of the page.

Happy Summer Reading!

The Staff of the Wead Library


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